Free Soap Wrap Template Sample

Thanks for visiting our free sample page.  

The soap wrap templates that we sell on this site all have free previews so that you can see how the software works. But those previews aren't really suitable for printing.  With this free sample, you can customize and print a sample that you can try out on your soap.

This free sample soap wrap template comes as a PDF file.  For best results:

  • Use a laptop or a desktop computer for editing. This won't work with a tablet or mobile phone.
  • Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit this soap wrap. You can edit this template in your browser or with other software, but the font may be different than what is shown in the photo above, the font spacing may be changed by your browser, and the colors may turn out differently.
  • To edit this soap wrap in Adobe Acrobat Reader, download Acrobat Reader at  Then download the soap wrap to your computer. To download the soap wrap to your computer click the two sideways triangles, and then click the Save button (see image below). Open the soap wrap template with Adobe Acrobat Reader and edit it. 
  • When you are done editing, print on white paper or card stock.  

If you like this wrap, but you need more features, you can buy access to the full version at: The full version can be edited in your browser, you can change the font type, orientation, and position, and the full version comes in three sizes.

Terms of Use:

If you use this template, you agree to the following. gives you, the user, a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to use this soap wrap template to create labels for your personal use or your business products.  

You are not permitted to reproduce, copy, distribute, resell, share or otherwise use the template for any other purpose or claim these designs as your own.